5 Crucial Tips Before you start your renovation.

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Unsure where to start?

We share 5 crucial tips to help you begin.

Tip 1 – You have your finances ready to go, but how do you create a renovation budget?

Ensure your building designer has a project team as they can help to provide you with a renovation estimate of the expenses.

Tip 2 – How can your renovation ideas be turned into council ready drawings?

If you can describe it, provide us with a sketch or images then you are ready to talk to your building designer.

Tip 3 – Know who your stakeholders are and how they can affect your project.

What is a stakeholder and why are they an important part of my project?

A stakeholder is anyone who can affect your project outcome here are some examples.

  • Family members
  • Neighbors
  • Money leaders
  • The local council

It very important to identify your risks and manage them.

Tip 4 – How to find the right contractors to get the project council approved?

Working with an experienced building designer who has a team of contractors will assist you with achieving council approval.

Tip 5 – What is your role in the project?

If it’s your house, Guess what? You are the project manager. It’s always easier if you are the project and you ensure you surround yourself with the right project building design project team.

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