Does My Project Need Council Approval?

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We are often asked, “will my project need council approval?”

Answers to the 4 most common questions regarding council approval.

1. Can I convert a double garage into a bedroom including an ensuite and then build a double carport in front of the garage? do these changes need to be approved by council?

  • Firstly, let us talk about the garage conversion, in most cases you will be able to do this, however as you are changing the classification from a non-habitable space to a habitable space you will need to apply for council approval.
  • Secondly with adding a carport this is seen as a new structure which will need to be approved by council.

2. I want to raise my house and build underneath; will I need to have this council approved?

  • Yes, this project will need to be council approved. Raising a house means there will be structural changes to the post and walls which will need to be approved.

3. I have a pergola at the back of my house can I turn this into a bedroom, and will I need to get council approval?

  • This idea is possible, as you are changing this space from a non – habitable space to a habitable space this changes the classification which will need council approval.

As in all construction decisions please contact your local council to seek further advise or contact us to arrange to speak with one of the private certifiers in our team.

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