Get the Dirt On Soil Testing

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Get the Dirt On Soil Testing

What is soil testing? Soil testing is testing the soil to essentially determine if it can support the structure of your project. Soil testing is required if you have plans to build any new structures on your property.

What is the process of soil testing? It involves hiring a geotechnican or otherwise known as a soil tester. They visit your property and with their drilling equipment take soil samples in a couple of locations where you are planning to build your new structure.

The soil samples are tested on site these tests will determine the quality of the soil, the level of reactivity and the soil classification. You will receive this information in a written report. This report is given to the structural engineer, so they can specify the type of building structure that needs to be used for your project.

DO My Plans Need Certifying

If you have plans to add a new structural addition to your property such as an extension, deck, carport, pergola, garage conversion, second storey, raising a house or change any part of the house structurally, then as a general rule most councils will expect you have these structures council approved. As this could be changing the classification of your building in which case you will need to work with a private building certifier to gain council approval.

If you are in doubt check with your local council.

What is the role of a Private building Certifier?

A Private certifier will act on your behalf in working with council with assisting you with obtaining council approval for your project.

You can ask your building designer if they have a private certifier you can hire their expertise.

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