How Covid Has Changed the Way We Love or Hate Our Homes.

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Most of us are working from home, finding ourselves juggling office work at home and doing our best to balance this new way of life. Last year we experienced being at home for longer periods of time during the covid lockdown, having to use the home space for work, play and exercise. Some of us learnt all the things we loved about our home and others realised what they hated about it.

Recently we have seen more of a demand for people requesting home offices, needing a separate working space away from the busy family room, kids at play, washing machines and home appliance noise. Needing a quiet area to escape – to reclaim your peace or conduct online business meetings without the kids running around in the background. As we currently are unable to travel internationally, more Australians are now focusing on improving their homes.

We have helped many families create new spaces either by converting their garage into a home office/parent retreat, adding an extra bedroom, creating an ensuite to their master bedroom or building a new studio in the backyard and most recently we have had a few families add a second storey to their existing house. With the property market on the increase this is a great opportunity to add value to your home.

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