What happens on a Site Visit?

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We visit you at your house at the agreed date and time. During our 30-minute meeting with you we Listen to your needs & ideas. You may have made up a vision board of your project including photos and sketches. You also may be fortunate to have the original and or copies of the house plans. Whatever the information you provide, we take in the whole story from you to ensure we understand your vision and we deliver on the design you are wanting.

We then take the time approximately 2 – 4 hours depending on the size of your house to measure your property, inside every area of your home to establish the floor plan measurements. Then the outside of your property for the site plan. We photograph inside and outside to support the building drawings.

We measure the proposed site for the new build to support the site plan drawings.

We sketch the details of the proposed new build to support the proposed floor plan and elevation drawings.

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