Why Hire a Licensed Building Designer?

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Reason #1

The most important reason for hiring a licensed Building Designer is just that – licensed! It means they are traceable and accountable, so there is a greater chance they will do everything to provide the correct service you have paid for. That alone is a big plus. A Building Designer needs to be licensed in Queensland to legally operate.

Reason #2

They are required to have indemnity insurance as a condition of licensing. It covers you, the client, in the case of negligence on the part of the Building Designer. If you hire an unlicensed draftsperson, you are exposing your project to risk.

Reason #3

To be licensed they would have had to demonstrate Building Design competency and shown evidence that they not only have experience working in the industry, but also understand design criteria and Building Codes essential for creating Council-ready drawings.

They would also have to present their past work to be scrutinized by the regional licensing body to make sure they are competent in all phases of the design process and that they have worked on a variety of residential and commercial projects.

“Hiring an unlicensed contractor is like getting operated on by an unlicensed surgeon” – you just wouldn’t do it.

Reason #4

A licensed Building Designer needs to have relevant educational qualification evidence with a diploma of Building Design as a minimum usually. They have to tick various building design and construction industry boxes to make sure they have a well-rounded and firm theoretical foundation. This shows the Building Designer has also been through formal training using the approved design and drafting methods in a controlled and supervised environment for a sustained period.

Reason #5

A licensed Building Designer will need to get 3 licensed and experienced peers in the building industry to legally vouch for the Building Designer, literally putting their names on the line. This is usually a challenging stage in the licensing process and a ‘big ask’ if you are not really cutting it as a Building Designer. Most experienced practitioners won’t vouch for an incompetent person.

“Every action has an impact; choose wisely the impact you want to have”– Mindy Hall


You are the project manager of your renovation – choose carefully and wisely. If you do your research and make the right decisions, your project will thank you!

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